How to handle old posts?

The blog is starting to be old :older_man: and we’re facing an issue about the older posts: how to handle them?

As many of them talk about technological stuff, they might be obsolete :computer_mouse:. Also, tools and services change and/or are discontinued. A lot of links are now “dead links” :skull_and_crossbones::link:.

Dead links:

Service discontinued and dead links:

Some posts that are informative (written to share a tools, a website, etc) might not have interest for a user since the link is now dead.

What’s the best way to handle these kind of post?

It’s hard to know what to do because this kind of content might be frustrating, confusing for the reader but removing them might be bad for other reasons like SEO, internal links from useful articles, etc.

Do you already have to handle this kind of issue? I need your experience. Please leave a comment below to help make this blog better :heart:.

An other comments about accurate data on an old posts (the older of the blog!):